Brad Broder (PC 85) organized and pulled off an epic reunion weekend for the UF/Ten game.  Money was raised for our longtime chef Louis Lee to start a retirement fund.  In addition, click on the link below to view 500 pictures from the reunion weekend and 600 more throwback photos fom the 80"s.

1.Check out this link for Shutterfly: 
2.Louis (LL), $2,810 was given to him on Sunday morning, 9/27th  he was very thankful!
3.Retirement account is being organized and we have $5,900 (an extra $100 was given to me since last email).  If you are interested to contribute further please reach out to me asap and in the future I will email instructions on how to assist!

4.I spoke to LL today and he told me to thank everyone for everything and he said… “I have the best job in the world”!

5.We gave $1,000 to Pilam for its fundraiser = Dance Marathon, Donation FROM = The Boys R Back.