As you may or may not know there has been a groundswell of change around 15 Frat Row this year and one of the biggest is the focus on rebuilding the winning tradition surrounding Nosebowl.  Many people have worked tirelessly to coach, train, guide, inspire and lead this group of pledges and brothers the way that we were, during our time. 
In order to instill a winning way, it must be done by example in the biggest and smallest of ways.  This is why I am asking that anyone who is going to Gainesville for this years Nosebowl, to please dress in a jacket and/or jacket and tie.  It is important for the pledges and active brotherhood to see that it is truly Not Four Years But A Lifetime. 
Thank you.
Dean Fishman
P.C. ‘90
One word - NOSEBOWL!!! October 25, 2015! Be there!
Pi Lambda Phi has not won by score in 10 years and has only won by score twice in the past 25 years.  Through this quarter century a lot had been lost.  That said, a lot is back, and we are confident that PC 15 will return Pi Lam to its winning ways. Alumni football legends who have watched, coached, and played against these guys wholeheartedly and sincerely agree - Fall 15 will win NOSEBOWL 2015 as Pi Lam Gentlemen AND by Score!
The offensive system is back in place.  We have more talent than we have had in years - think 1990.  The coaching staff combines both legacy Pi Lams and PC Alphas (former ZBTs), AND Alumni have been actively involved almost every weekend with hands on coaching.
All that said -- WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!!
Don't cut your hair!  Grow a Beard! PUT ON A SUIT! Show up for NOSEBOWL weekend and make a difference and further instill the tradition that makes Nosebowl and Pi Lambda Phi something so special to all of us!  Your presence will make a HUGE difference to the day, the game, the brotherhood, and, most importantly, PC 15, and the momentum being built.
The weekend's festivities will be chaired by Dean Fishman, PC 90, and will go as follows:
7:00 PM - Brothers vs. PC 15 - Controlled Light Scrimmage, Practice and Walk Through.
9:00 PM - Hand Me Downs
10:00 AM - PC 15 Walkthrough at the Nosebowl field
8:00 PM - Watch Movie at House
10:00 PM - PC 15 asleep in house
11:59 PM - Brother Mine Forever and Beat TEP
8:30 AM  - PC 15 Wake Up Call
9:30 AM - Breakfast at the house (All Welcome)
10:00 AM - Alumni Speech
10:30 AM- Chapter Room “I am a Champion” with NB Coaches
11:00 AM - Gauntlet
12:00 PM - Nosebowl Game
1:30 PM - Post-Game Speeches at the house
It's going to be a very special occasion and a momentous breakthrough/return to glory for Pi Lambda Phi!  Be there, bring a friend, bring your family, and remember - Wear a suit/jacket and tie!
PC 75 will be having thier 40 year reunion in Gainesville on Nosebowl Weekend.  Not 4 years, but a lifetime!!