I'm sad to report that brother Stan Newmark has passed away from a stroke.  "Stan the Man" was one of the greatest Pi Lams to ever come out of our Florida Delta Chapter.  Some of his close friends had this to say about him:

"RIP brother Stan....Thanks so much for always showing us the meaning of true brotherhood.  A very unique and special person who was instrumental in keeping us all in touch over the years with the gatherings....we will always have a special "seat" for you."

"Everyone who met Stan liked him.
Everyone that knew Stan loved him"

"To Stan's family...we are all honored to have participated in Stan's life...however large or small...thank you for sharing him with us...We are all enriched having learned such valuable life lessons from a truly special person"

Funeral arrangements:
This Wednesday, March 11th, at 11am.
Temple Judea
5500 Granada Blvd
Coral Gables, FL 33146
305 667 5657
Brother Mine Forever

Brother mine forever,
We are bound together,
By a bond that stronger grows
As years roll by.

Mystic words unspoken,
Holy vows unbroken,
Holds us faithful to the tie
Of Pi Lambda Phi.

When the days are dreary,
When the heart goes weary,
Tho the dark clouds of despair
May hide the sky.

I shall ne'er be friendless,
For our love is endless,
Even death can't break the tie
Of Pi Lambda Phi.